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Helping councils, businesses and charging station operators with the process of installing electric vehicle chargers across Central NSW

The councils in Central NSW have a keen interest in electric vehicles and have collectively developed this Electric Vehicle Charging Toolkit to assist the community and local businesses to understand and navigate the process of installing chargers throughout the Central NSW region.

The Toolkit is designed to walk through the necessary steps involved in installing electric vehicle chargers  including considerations such as site selection, charging infrastructure, required approvals, the installation process and signage. 

The approval process at each council may vary slightly, however the approval process flowchart provides high-level detail on what is required to install a charger. For questions regarding the approval process at specific participating councils, please visit the contact page.

Member councils have also collaborated on a regional project to identify key locations to install EV charging stations. A strategic approach to charging infrastructure will ensure that electric vehicle drivers have the most logical and stress-free journey through the region.  The project has a strong tourism focus to ensure there is inter-connectivity with the Sydney and Canberra. To see the report on Regional Charging Infrastructure in Central NSW click here.

Further work has been done by the members to analyse a shortlist of proposed sites. That work can be found here.

Information for local businesses

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure may be a good way to attract more people to your business. Many hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets have found that installing chargers can be a point of difference. A charge point out the front of your business offers an invitation to electric vehicle drivers to stop by and may increase the amount of time people spend in or around your establishment. ​ If your business has no off-street parking, a kerbside charger may be an option worth considering. Installing a charger on council land does not have to be tricky.

Information for charging network installers and operators

The Central NSW Joint Organisation (CNSWJO) and its member councils welcome investment in charging station infrastructure in Central NSW to help support the local uptake of electric vehicles and enable visitors to take their electric vehicle on their regional journey.


CNSWJO member councils are aiming to make it easier for commercial charge operators to operate in the region. There are a number of ways councils can help:


  • Provide local knowledge

  • Provide advice on planning regulations

  • Host charging stations on council land

  • Participate in regional charge strategies

For more information please visit the Toolkit section.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Toolkit

Interested in installing an electric vehicle charger but not quite sure where to start? Head over to the Toolkit where you'll find information about electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, site selection considerations, what approvals are needed and more. 

Image credit: Bathurst Regional Council

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